The Ísgel products:

Gel-filled Mats increase the transport life of fish, thereby increasing its market value. The main purchasers of these mats are those involved in the processing of salt and fresh water fish for foreign markets

BlueRelief re-usable hot and cold poultices

QuikCool disposable cooling bags
For use as first aid immediately after injury

MultiFreez re-usable cooling bags fron Ísgel are an indispensible item for travellers

Ísgel ehf  Blönduósi

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1. Gel-filled Mats to maintain cooling
of fresh food products during transportation.

2. MultiFreez re-usable cooling bags to provide effective cooling for food, drinks and organic or medical samples. Handy for travelling and camping.

3. BlueRelief re-usable hot and cold poultices. For use on sore points and with muscle pain.

4. QuikCool disposable cooling bags. The bags are useful for cooling injuries caused by bruising, spraining or burns. Especially suitable for first aid and for the treatment of sports injuries.

5. For horsemen: Cover for horses' feet designed to reduce the accumulation of fluids in the tendon sheaths and to reduce swelling by using BlueRelief or QuikCool.

These are high-quality, reasonably priced Icelandic products designed to meet the demands of customers. Ísgel strives to provide custom-service according to any special requirements the customer may have as best it can.

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Therapists, doctors, dentists, sports coaches and people in the medical field can use QuikCool for various purposes.

The QuikCool are handy to use.
They are quick to cool and retain their heating/cooling properties effectefly.

BlueRelief gel poultices can be used as hot our cold poultices.
The table below shows how the poultices should be used to treat various ailments.

What is your problem?

- Hot/Cold

Sprains - Cold

Burns - Cold

Headaches - Cold

Toothache - Cold

Muscular pains - Hot

Pains in joints - Hot

Menstrual pains - Hot

Fatigue - Hot

Injuries - Hot

Bruises - Cold

Swelling after injections - Cold